a Wonderful Blogger Platform

bloglovin is a blog network where the user can follow any blog that has been registered to the network. It allows you to follow any blogs on the internet. It also categorized the blogs to many kinds of category like food, books, fashion and many other kinds of interesting things. This website is another great creation as it has easy usability, it has a great compact design, and it’s a very light website to use.

How to use

To start using, the user just has to register with the register button. The registration process is easy, you just have to fill 4 rows of registration which is email, username, and password and confirm password. It also has Facebook registration button to make it much easier with only the use of 1 button to complete all the registration process with the Facebook login. Facebook login is one of the best features that has been found in a lot of website since its makes many website registration becomes as easy as one click. also won’t post anything to the Facebook without permissions.

After the user finishes the registration process, the next step is to follow some blogs based on your interests, and the user could pick any of the blog categories that is available like fashion, DIY, family, fitness, food and drinks and many other categories. All of the categories that the user could follow have so many contents that the feed list will always be updated for at least a half an hour. The user could not only follow those blogs that are in the list, they could also follow any other bloggers. So is a much broader blog network where the user could compile all of the blog content that they want to read in a single platform. This system makes sure that the user doesn’t miss out of the information from their favorite bloggers.

If the user already has a blog to read list whether it’s from Google reader, blogger, or any other popular blog list platform they could import it easily. So is easy to migrate to since it provides a better platform where the old blogger could still import to it easily with some clicks. Features

Browsing is a great experience since it has high quality blog content, of the bloggers that already registered to the website and already has many followers. It also eases the blog browsing process since the user could see the preview of the blog content before visiting the blog to read the most complete content. The user could also express their positive response to the blog content with the use of love button that are already available even in the main page which only provide the preview. Other than the love button, it also has a share button to help the user to share to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Sometimes the user could feel bored just to look at the same kind of category again and again, and that’s where the popular tab could be very useful. The user could see what the popular posts are of all the categories and maybe decide to follow a new category of interests. uses the follower system that is the same with Twitter. This system could measure the blogger popularity by a follower metric. To keep making great contents in the blog is how to get more Bloglovin followers. Apps

Like every other big social network that has an app to help with mobile navigation on the site, also has an app in the Google app store and Itunes apps store. The app could be downloaded for free and it has all the features that provided by the website, only with a more compact design since it’s a phone app. Even though the latest updates are still buggy, I’m sure that there will be an update to make the app runs much better in the future. design

The first glance impression that I have from is that its design is really simple yet attractive with many preview pictures to look at. It utilizes a few spaces, only the middle of the page visualization with a white space beside of the content part of the page. The uneven design of the content part of the page makes sure that you could at least see 3 photo preview of the blog content. This design also makes sure that photo preview could fit a correct resolution and won’t be zoomed out and look blurred. It also has a scroll to top button that will help the user to get back to the top of the page when the user reached the bottom of the page. It also has a notification area on the right part of the homepage where the user could see how many posts that haven’t been seen of each of the blog that they follow. The main tab in the top of the page also helps a lot with the navigation of the website.

One of the most awesome features of is its follower system where the user could hook frequent readers through the followers. There are some ways that will help to get a lot of followers, and one of them is In this website, the user could instantly get a lot of followers with a very fair amount of price. Having more followers help the bloggers to attract more followers with being in the front page of the blog recommendation lists. With the help of, any blogger could instantly get more followers on Bloglovin and increase their blog traffic.

Overall bloggers will definitely love since it is one of the best blogger platforms that available around here. covers all of the services and features that bloggers like to have in a blog reading platform. also could be one of the most powerful blog promotion platforms where the user could promote their blogs and increase traffic to their website significantly. Hopefully, there will be many updates for the website so that the website could provide more and more features to the customers.